The 12 R’s

Our 12 R’s Every Hour. 

This is our doctrine of change. This is PEF’s offering to the world to make it an even better place inside and out.

Our 12 R’s are adaptable and flexible. So we can suit them to our individual needs and realities. The one thing they do strongly suggest is to be sincere and practice with them regularly. It takes 21 days of doing something to make a habit of it and 40 days for it to be on auto pilot suggest scientists.

1. Refuse – Learn to Say No

2. Reduce – Watch our Consumption

3. Reuse – Do not Use and Throw

4. Recycle – Segregate our Waste

5. Responsible – Be Accountable for our Actions

6. Respect – Treat all with Consideration

7. Replenish – Stop Taking and Start Giving

8. Relearn – Unlearn what Destroys

9. Reclaim – Ask for what is Rightfully Ours

10. Reflect – Consider our Impact

11. Rethink – Stop and Take the time to Consider

12. Rejoice – Enjoy what we Do

Let us use these stepping R’s and have a wonderful journey inwards. Every hour, for 12 hours, we need to practice the 12 R’s, in our own way and capacity.

Then we would truly become a people that are sensitive, sustainable and compassionate.

We are in the process of writing a booklet on the 12 R’s. Stay In Touch.